My very First Our World Book 

Our World

by Usborne

For when you are eager to begin formally teaching your three year old about the world! Covers mountains, rivers, deserts, etc, with lots of things to point out and talk about on each page. A medium sized picture book that will appeal greatly to some kids, and not at all to others…

Our World 2

Ages 2-8

Available from public libraries

Reviewer: Doreen


Our World 3


Come Over to My House

come over to.jpg

By Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Katie Kath

This is a fun, easy reader that takes you to dozens of countries around the world, emphasizing different lifestyles but the universal welcome of an open door and an invitation to “Come over to my house! Come over and play.”

For kids who have been studying geography, an enjoyable challenge is to identify every country mentioned, based on the illustrations.

come over 2.jpg

Ages 2-8

Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen

come over 1.jpg

In a Cloud of Dust

in a cloud.jpg

By Alma Fullerton

in a 3.jpg    in a 2.jpg

This story of a girl and her school friends’ whose trip home from school is made shorter by use of the bicycle lending library, takes place in Tanzania. Nicely illustrated. Fullerton’s books gives a taste of children like us, living far different lives around the world.

in a 4.jpg

A Good Trade   takes place in Uganda  Nicely illustrated.

a good trade.jpg

Community Soup   takes place in Kenya  Nicely illustrated.


When the Rain Comes     takes place in Sri Lanka

when the rain comes.jpg


Ages 4-10

Available from public libraries

Reviewer: Doreen

Waiting for High Tide

waiting for

By Nikki McClure

You could give your kids or students a lesson on tides and clams, herons and barnacles….or you could read Waiting for High Tide. It was the illustrations and the cover that made me pick this book up. Beautifully done in white, black, and pale blue, the bold illustrations are reminiscent of wood-burning relief illustrations.

A simple story about building a raft with Mom, Dad, and Grandma one summer day, the facts in the book are so real you know the author must have almost lived them…which he did.

waiting for 2



Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen

waiting for 3.jpg




The Snail and the Whale

the snail.jpg

By Julia Donaldson

snail 6

I really loved this book :). It’s a board book but not just for babies. Toddlers and preschoolers and early elementary will enjoy: “This is a tale of a tiny snail…this is the whale who came one night…” With a real adventure and rescue, rhythmic language, and well-done illustrations (although they are a little spoiled by the comic-strip eyeballs), it is sure to be enjoyed a few times over. Includes an audio version with background music, that is wonderfully read.

the snail 5

A long picture board book, with audio CD

Ages 3-8

Available from public libraries

the snail 3


Reviewer: Doreen

the snail 4




By Nick Dowson

A nonfiction picture book that takes children right into the wild with big, realistic illustrations and a brief telling of life with a mother tiger and her cubs. Although geared for older children, my two year old listened to this CD over and over again, cued by the page signals on track 2 for when to turn the page.

Also recommended, from the same “Read and Wonder” series:

Gentle Giant Octopus, by Karen Wallace


Walk With a Wolf, by Janni Howker

walk with a wolf


Picturebook with Audio CD

Ages 2-12

Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen

Misty of Chincoteague


By Marguerite Henry

Here is an adventure for horse-loving children that will introduce you to a wild horse band on two real islands off the coast of North America. The story focuses on the efforts of a brother and sister to get a pony of their own, and speculates a little on the history and legend of how the first wild ponies got to North America. The children’s success in the story may seem a little too-good-to-be-true, but the author assures her readers at the beginning that though the order of the events in the book may have been shuffled, the events did truly happen!

Bonus: There are many more “horse” books written by this author. It is too bad that public libraries don’t seem to carry many of others.

Recommended for horse-adventure lovers

Chapter Book or Unabridged Audio Book

Available from public libraries

Ages 6-12

Reviewer: Doreen

The Call of the Wild


By Jack London

I should begin by saying we only listened to the first third of the book. The Call of the Wild is a dog-story adventure set among the gold-diggers in Alaska. Perhaps this is a book for those who love the violence of a struggle for life and dominance among a pack of savage dogs and their rough and tough owners. There was so much beating and killing and tearing of flesh in the first third of the book that we quit. The violence was not redeemed by one moment of compassion, but perhaps that comes later in the book. The title, however, is fitting as the book tells the tale of Buck, a sheltered dog, who is stolen and forced into the world of a sled dog. Buck soon finds the call of the wild in his own character as he becomes hard and cruel himself, in order to succeed against nature and the other dogs who would kill him. There will be a further “call” though, as Buck encounters wolves.

If you have read or listened to the complete book and found the second half redeems the first half, please share in the comments below!

Ages 12-15

Available from public libraries

Reviewer: Doreen

Audio: read by William Roberts

Frog Song


By Brenda Z. Guiberson

Okay, I knew there were a few different frog species out there, but Guiberson obviously has a fascination for the incredible variety in creation and has chosen the widest range of frogs on the planet to introduce kids to these incredible hoppers!

Leap around the world with the amazing, larger-than-life illustrations by Gennady Spirin…so realistic that I almost thought some pictures were photographs.

(Do I talk a lot about illustrations? 🙂  I guess my philosophy is not so much to introduce kids to the “masters” by studying paintings from past eras, but to let them enjoy amazing artwork by putting great picturebooks with good story-lines right into their hands! What an easy, enjoyable way to inspire a love for art!)


Ages 3-10


Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen