The Light at Tern Rock

light at tern

By Julia L. Sauer

The Light at Tern Rock is a story that takes you to Nova Scotia, Canada, back to the days of light-house keepers. A thin book, this tale brings a warm, cozy feel as Ronnie spends the weeks before Christmas tending the lighthouse with his aunt. But the book also brings up feelings of resentment and bitterness as Ronnie faces the mean trick that has been played on the two of them, when he and his aunt realize they are stranded at the light for Christmas. These feelings are worked through and forgiveness and hope displayed as the two reconcile themselves to their situation and clean and bake for Christmas. The story ends on Christmas Eve as Ronnie and his aunt light the great lamp and think of all the candles being lit that Christmas Eve around the world to “light the Christ-child on his way.”

An easy-read chapter book with lovely pencil drawings.

Ages 7-12

Reviewer: Doreen