The Family Under the Bridge

family bridge.jpg

by Natalie Carlson

Walk the streets of Paris and step into the world of hobos and a family who moves in with one. For children who live in comfortable homes, the book will be eye-opening but not in a graphic, depressing way. As for the values communicated through the story, the mother in the book is committed to staying together as a family, and Armand, the hobo, grows in self-respect throughout the book, ending with a renewed willingness to work and take on responsibility. The gypsies, however, seem to hold little respect for public property—which may be an accurate historical reflection—and Armand holds little respect for the truth but bends it to suit him. This makes the book not only eye-opening and heart-warming, then, but also opens a door for discussion.

family bridge 3.jpg

Ages 6-12

Easy-read chapter book for beginners

Reviewer: Doreen


family bridge 2.jpg

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