Thee, Hannah!

thee hannah

By Marguerite de Angeli

For children (and sometimes we as adults!) who struggle against being different from others; who want to conform with the current culture; who admire its dress and long for its beauties…this is a beautiful book.

thee hannah 2

There are so many aspects to this book. On one level, it is the tale of a little girl who longs to be like her next-door neighbour, but woven through the story-line is the Quaker work with the Underground Railroad. The author also does an excellent job of painting the historical time period and the reader can actually see the various peddlers weaving their daily paths through the city and through Hannah’s life. On a spiritual level, Hannah is struggling with temptation and giving in to it. The tempter, as per Quaker custom, is referred to as “Old Spotty,” throughout.

thee hannah 3

I will not give the ending away, but the book winds down and we start to think, is this it? And only on the very last page, does the story come full-circle and its various strands are satisfactorily bound together.



Ages 4-12

Reviewer: Doreen



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