Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons

a celebration

By Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown. She is not your typical poet or story writer, and yet there is a gentle rhythm to her writing that makes her books good read-alouds. The world seems to think so too, as her Goodnight Moon is an enduring classic. This collection of poems—found forty years after her death— has just been recently published.

The poems in this picturebook are simple, fun, or sweet, and even if they’re not your favourites, a young child will enjoy sitting on your lap, just looking at the beautiful pictures and hearing the rhythm of your voice.

Twelve poems, twelve pictures—illustrated by twelve different award-winning picture book authors. And that makes this a neat book to talk about. What do you think the artist used to make this illustration? What do you like about it? Do you think it suits the poem? (I think they did a great job matching the illustrators’ styles to the different poems.) Which style of picture would you like to try make? Read about that illustrator in the back of the book, then get out your paper!

The book includes a CD by two music artists who have put the poems into song form in something of a cross between folksongs and country.

celebration 2.jpg

Ages 0-10

Picturebook with CD

Available from: public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen


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