The Wind in the Willows


By Kenneth Grahame

These books are well-loved for their characters and setting. Grahame does a marvelous job of drawing you into Mole’s cozy home complete with simple comforts and carolers at Christmas; Ratty’s water world of “messing around in boats” and poetry-writing by firelight; wise old Badger who lives deep in the dark, forbidding woods; and, of course, Toad. Mr. Toad, with all his pomp and pride and falls. Mr. Toad who never learns and will always go on being the foolish toad that he is–as his friends pick up the pieces.


What more could you want? The difficulties, if they are such to you, is that the sentences are not simple and the language is difficult—definitely a vocabulary-stretcher!—making it a bit of a challenge to read aloud….that is where an audio version would be great. Another thing is the white buck that appears, seeming to protect the young lost otter, and worthy of the others’ reverence. This seems to jive with a Catholic understanding of saints and worship, but I could be mistaken.


For its keen insight into characters and the fleshing out of relationships; for its dry-your-eyes humour, triumph of good over evil, and folly reaping its own rewards: The Wind in the Willows is Recommended!


Chapter book, fiction

Ages 7 and up

Available from: public libraries

Reviewer: Doreen



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