The Call of the Wild


By Jack London

I should begin by saying we only listened to the first third of the book. The Call of the Wild is a dog-story adventure set among the gold-diggers in Alaska. Perhaps this is a book for those who love the violence of a struggle for life and dominance among a pack of savage dogs and their rough and tough owners. There was so much beating and killing and tearing of flesh in the first third of the book that we quit. The violence was not redeemed by one moment of compassion, but perhaps that comes later in the book. The title, however, is fitting as the book tells the tale of Buck, a sheltered dog, who is stolen and forced into the world of a sled dog. Buck soon finds the call of the wild in his own character as he becomes hard and cruel himself, in order to succeed against nature and the other dogs who would kill him. There will be a further “call” though, as Buck encounters wolves.

If you have read or listened to the complete book and found the second half redeems the first half, please share in the comments below!

Ages 12-15

Available from public libraries

Reviewer: Doreen

Audio: read by William Roberts


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