It’s Snowing!


By Olivier Dunrea

I like the really simple goose and duck board books by this author, and so we checked out this picture book. Once again, she has really neat illustrations–quite gorgeous in this book–and it’s a sweet mama and baby story with a first snowfall…if you like trolls! They aren’t obviously trolls, however, (at least, to me), so the illustrations just seemed a little off from the start, with their odd earthy home, funny-hooded mama, and snow trolls outside. It was at the end, when I looked back through the book a second time, that I picked up on it. Because I caught on so late, I found it a little disturbing.


If you are looking for a story with trolls in it, however, Jan Brett’s “Trouble with Trolls” does a better job at differentiating between the human world and the fairytale world of trolls…or not?


Reviewer: Doreen



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