The First Reformers

The First Reformers by Alie Vogelaar


With Reformation Day coming up next week I was looking for something that would present historical facts and keep four young children interested; not an easy feat. This book is actually the third of four novels written by Vogelaar that bring history alive by presenting it in story form.

Starting with Peter Waldo and the Waldenses the story follows a young French boy as he and his family flee to Switzerland where they continue to worship God in quiet freedom until even the Alps prove themselves too near the pope’s hateful rule. As time goes by the ambushes begin to lessen, as across the lands in England, John Wycliffe is busily translating the Bible from Latin into English. With another threat to his power the pope begins to focus his offences on the country nearer to him. But the ‘disease’ of the Reformation continues to spread and soon in Bohemia a pastor by the name of John Huss also begins to teach the people in their native tongue.  The story ends with the horrible martyrdom of John Huss by his enemies. Not a nice way to end a story perhaps, but as the great, church father Tertullian once said, ” the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”


Historical Fiction

Ages 5 and up

Available from Early Foundation Publishers

Reviewer: Meagan


One thought on “The First Reformers

  1. This was a great introduction to a few of the Reformers in various European countries because of the story-line with young characters that carried it along. Not at all overwhelming with facts and information, it was still historically accurate and my kids kept asking for a chapter every day. Very nice pencil illustrations, as well.


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