Frog Song


By Brenda Z. Guiberson

Okay, I knew there were a few different frog species out there, but Guiberson obviously has a fascination for the incredible variety in creation and has chosen the widest range of frogs on the planet to introduce kids to these incredible hoppers!

Leap around the world with the amazing, larger-than-life illustrations by Gennady Spirin…so realistic that I almost thought some pictures were photographs.

(Do I talk a lot about illustrations? 🙂  I guess my philosophy is not so much to introduce kids to the “masters” by studying paintings from past eras, but to let them enjoy amazing artwork by putting great picturebooks with good story-lines right into their hands! What an easy, enjoyable way to inspire a love for art!)


Ages 3-10


Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen


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