Let’s Play: Traditional Games of Childhood

let's play

By Camilla Gryski,  illustrated by Dusan Petricic

Kids hanging around? Have friends over but the kids still don’t know what to do? Planning a birthday party or other group event? This is a great book to help you out! “Most of the games in this book are hundreds of years old. Some games like Jackstones and Hide and Seek go back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.” Filled with over a dozen different games with clear instructions and illustrations, you are sure to find a few great games for your backyard (or house) in here.


But the author doesn’t just give the rules to the basic games, it’s all the fun variations which your kids will latch on to…like not just Tag, but Sticky Apple, where you have to hold on to the spot where you were tagged as you continue playing, or not just Hunt the Thimble, but try adding in Huckle Buckle Beanstalk J. Hopscotch hasn’t been a favourite here, but The Snail version will add some spice to it….so check it out!

Ages 4-12

How-to Book

Available from: public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen



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