The Eagles are Back and The Buffalo are Back

By Jean Craighead George


Jean Craighead George is an environmentalist with an incredible knowledge of the natural world. This comes through in these two picture books for older kids. Although The Buffalo are Back highlights the native Indians care for the prairie land versus the American settlers incompetence, it does give the clearest history that I have ever read of how the mid-west became a “dust-bowl” sparking the Great Depression…and how it was recovered. A nice addition to history lessons on this time period! The paintings by Wendell Minor complement and illustrate the text very well.


In The Eagles are Back, once again man’s short-sightedness is brought to the fore as the bald eagle is driven almost to extinction through the use of pesticides. This brief picture book has a nice story-line with a young boy for the main character and a happy ending as eagles are back again in greater numbers. Also well-illustrated by Wendell Minor.

Ages 5-12

Picturebook, nonfiction

Available from public libraries


Reviewer: Doreen


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