Lost in the Snow


By W. G. Van de Hulst

Just one of nearly two dozen such books, this classic Van de Hulst tale involves (as usual) a few little children who run into adventure either by mistake, or temptation to wander down forbidden paths, or who are frightened into adventure by unknown dogs. The author writes in a very simple, child-like manner, and your three and four year old will breathe hard and live the whole dramatic adventure with the main characters, right through to the end where all ends up well and safe, tucked in bed with the moon smiling down.

Stories Children Love header

Set in Holland some fifty years ago, each story features wooden shoes, horse-drawn carts, or wind-mills, but the children are the same as children today: inquisitive and creative. Each “chapter book” usually has 10-15 chapters (of two or three pages each) and includes charming black and white illustrations on most page spreads. The whole book can be read aloud in an hour. Most (or perhaps all) of the books contain a gentle reminder of God’s ever-present care.

Ages 2-5

Very brief chapter books

Available from Inheritance Publications


Reviewer: Doreen


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