Wildlife Gardening: How to Bring Birds and Bugs to Your Backyard


By Martyn Cox

I am excited about this full colour nature book for kids! If you agree that summer is a great time for kids to be outside and poke around in the backyard, and if you wish they could discover more about the animal life in your backyard without too much effort on your part, this is the book for you :). Instead of being a jumble of fascinating facts and bright photos as some kids’ reference books are, this 80 page book explains in clear, orderly, simple terms what a wildlife habitat is and how you can create one in your own North American backyard, whether you live in the city or country (yes, they give real solutions for tiny backyards too!).


There are books of this type which I dread—the ones which give your kids grand ideas which require grand materials and expenses, shopping trips, adult help, and time! But this book is full of truly useful projects (surprise!), that are fairly simple for kids to do on their own (hurray!), and that require few materials , most of which you probably have on hand (double hurray!).  Some  of the projects included are: make a wormery, frog and toad home, moth catcher, ladybug sanctuary, butterfly house, spider web catcher, etc. There  is even a nice sample showing how to keep a simple nature journal, and practical advice on composting…


Hard-cover, nonfiction

Ages 3-12

Available from public libraries. Published by DK


Reviewer: Doreen



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