Shadow Chasers

By Elly Mackay


In my quest to surround my girls with a non-Disney beauty, I checked this picture book out of the library. The kids don’t seem to get as excited about beautiful illustrations as I do (although by looking at them over and over they are soaking them in), but when my daughter saw this book she exclaimed, “Mom! Did you see these pictures?! They’re beautiful!”

Perhaps they aren’t the most beautiful in your eyes, but there is something about the author/illustrator’s use of light and colour. Through the use of paint and collage, and maybe computer technology, she has captured the transient beauty of dusk and sundown. The book is aptly named “Shadow Chasers,” and I love how it gives value to the simple activity of a girl and her brother and sister having time for free play in the backyard just before bed—although to them it is a big deal, a time of wonder and discovery, as the light changes and they chase the shadows. A quick read. Enjoy!

For students dabbling in illustrating or just an innovative art project, these illustrations will give some fresh ideas about using a variety of mediums to make one picture.



Available from: Hamilton Public Library

Picture book

Story-line: Ages 3-6

Reviewer: Doreen


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