Horton Hears a Who!


by Dr Seuss

Although I really do not like the creatures in Dr. Seuss books—or the illustrations—I can’t help enjoying the rhythmic language in his books…just think of Green Eggs and Ham. And although it is ensconced in a lot of nonsense, Seuss does usually bring out a lesson through his stories. Read The Sneetches for a laugh at how the crowd loves status symbols (we have stars on ours!) and how the businessmen and marketers jump on it (making a star-producing machine). But of all his books, I think the one with the most striking message is Horton Hears a Who. In this book, Seuss gives a voice to the voiceless. And although it may not be intended as a pro-life book, the story of Horton the elephant’s desperate struggle to save life brings to a child’s level the awareness that there are the unheard in our world, and that there are thoughtless, domineering people who will do everything they can to keep them unheard, and that it is possible for one compassionate person to stand up and make a difference. And that makes the book worth reading.


Ages 5 and up

Available from: Hamilton Public Library

Reviewer: Doreen


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