Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress

By John Bunyan

A classic allegory of the Christian’s journey from salvation to heaven, Pilgrim’s Progress is the second most printed book in the world, following the Bible. I love the fact that this version is unabridged. Although the language in this book can be somewhat outdated and difficult, the readers/actors do a very good job making the meaning clear simply by a good use of expression in their voices.

This audio version is a great addition to the original book, and will draw in many listeners who would be overwhelmed by the difficulty of the written version. Believers in every time and place will relate to Christian’s struggles. Bunyan will make you more keenly aware of the spiritual warfare that is being fought every day in this life here below on earth, and Chritian and Faithful and Hopeful’s journeys will give fresh courage to throw one’s all into the battle!

Being a tale where one danger follows another, the story can be scary for younger children, (especially the evil voice of Apollyon and the strange sound effects which match Bunyan’s descriptions of horror.) Having read through abridged versions of the book several times as a family, however, we did listen to this complete version with the kids as well.

Dramatized Unabridged Audiobook, approx 5 hours

Ages 5 or 7 or 9, and up

Available from: Reformed Book Services


Reviewer: Doreen


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