First We Have Coffee and Then We Talk


By Margaret Jensen

Looking for a warm, encouraging book to read over coffee? This is a book I have gladly shared with friends over the years. Although there is hardship woven through many of the true tales of this immigrant preacher’s family (from Scandinavia to America in the early 1900’s), there is much joy and wisdom to be learned from “Mama” who doesn’t live with the easiest of husbands, yet lives out the truth that the secret to a happy life is a thankful heart, no matter the circumstances, and who wields a rod and a pepper shaker, yet in whose tongue is the law of kindness. An easy-to-read biography with an uplifting reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Please Note: This book can also be found in the four part volume, The Sun is Shining on the Other Side, where you will find more about the family: there is a section on Papa, one daughter, and her children. Papa’s stories shed light on just how difficult and unreasonable Papa really was, but of all the stories, none shine with the warmth of Mama’s section, so I especially recommend the single volume First We Have Coffee and Then We Talk.


Ages: Adult



Reviewer: Doreen


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