Trapped by the Mountain Storm


By Aileen Fisher

Far more interesting than a reference book on animals, this chapter book gives readers a fascinating, nonfiction narrative of animals surviving a hard winter storm in the Rocky Mountains. Each chapter tells the story of a different animal (bighorn sheep, marten, cony, mule deer, weasel, mountain lion, to name a few). From the back cover: “There is plenty of fear, suspense, and trauma among the wild folk—for the hunted as well as for the hunter—which will hold the interest of both young and old readers.” Each chapter illustrates one animal with a well-drawn black and white illustration. A great gift for 5-12 year old boys!

Also by Aileen Fisher: All on a Mountain Day

Ages 5-12

Nonfiction, chapterbook

135 pages, hard-cover

Available from Reformed Book Services, Brantford, ON, []


Reviewer: Doreen




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