The Diggers are Coming!

By Susan Steggall

The diggers are coming!

This is a very neat book on many levels!

As far as the content and story-line go, this picture book clearly explains the process involved in constructing a subdivision of homes in a town: from first clearing a construction site, to the actual moving-in day at the end of the book. Youngest listeners will enjoy all the word pictures while looking at the real pictures of construction, while older listeners will watch and listen to learn about all the different steps that follow in sequence to build new homes.

As for language, the author has done a fantastic job, using rhyme on every page, repetition of phrases and word sound, as well as top-quality adjectives that make the machines “come alive”! For middle school and even high-school students studying writing, this book is a great example of the punch literary devices can add to a piece of writing.

Regarding illustrations–always important to me :)–the author has done a great job again, illustrating her own work using bold and bright colours.  Each scene includes realistic details that clearly depict what stage of construction is going on, without making the pages so busy that they are confusing

So all around, 100%. Get it out of the library 🙂


Ages 3-8


Reviewer: Doreen


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