PIONEER GIRL: The Annotated Autobiography

Pioneer Girl

by Laura Ingalls Wilder
edited by Pamela Smith Hill

Yes, you read the title correctly! This is an autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Like the Little House series that you have probably read, this book covers the same time period, beginning when she was very young and continuing till she was married. What happened to this manuscript Pioneer Girl, was that Laura couldn’t find a publisher for it and so her daughter Rose (who was a respected author and editor at the time) heavily edited the manuscript for Laura producing children’s version of Laura’s life, the Little House books.

In Pioneer Girl, you will meet many more characters (including their little brother Freddie), see many more places, and find out Laura was involved in many more events. Life was not quite as simple as the children’s version makes it out to be, and Pa and Ma turn out to be a little more human and less angelic, which is maybe good to know. (Sometimes the simplicity of times in the Little House books can make us think that human nature would be easier to deal with if we only had less stuff. But Pioneer Girl will help you see that human nature is the same whether lived out in cabins or mansions, then or now.)

I would love to sit down and read this big hard-cover book from start to end, but don’t have the time right now. Instead, at odd moments I pick it up and read a random page or two. Because of the different style, (less story-telling detail and more facts), this book will be of interest to adults and teens who really enjoyed the Little House books.

Ages: 13 and up



Hard-cover, 400 pages

Available from: local libraries and Amazon

Reviewer: Doreen


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