This is My Home, This is My School

Another lovely Jonathan Bean book….

Jonathan Bean once again writes from his own experience, continuing from the “Building Our House” book. He explains how his house is both his home, and his school. It is charming with a bit of humour… My one complaint would be that the illustrations are not as neat and, in my opinion, not as attractive as the previous two books I reviewed. But if I start getting analytical… it’s probably to convey the sometimes hectic lifestyle that comes with homeschooling 4 little kids–but I don’t speak from experience here ;). My other criticism is that I felt the story itself was a little lacking, with only one or two short sentences per page. BUT all in all, it is cute, and worth checking out for a couple weeks. You can get an excellent preview of the book on the Amazon page here.


Reviewed by Esther

Available from HPL (it’s brand new!)


One thought on “This is My Home, This is My School

  1. Yes! We liked this book! Shows the all-encompassing nature of home-schooling (while putting in a schedule to show that, yes, there is a plan that is unfolding through the creativity). I agree that the illustrations made the book really busy to look at compared to his other book “Building Our House,” and I also agree that it was probably intentional to show how the home was less than orderly during all that schooling ;). You can tell he was writing from experience!


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