Building Our House/Big Snow

Building Our House by Jonathan Bean

This is a lovely story about the process of building a house. Based on the author’s own childhood experience, he recounts the story from the perspective of his older sister. Great illustrations on each page, and enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

Recommended for ages 3+

Big Snow by Jonathan Bean

David is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first “big snow” of winter. Although his mother enlists him to help out with some chores, his curiosity repeatedly causes him to go check on the weather. Wonderful illustrations, with lots of lovely little details. This book will make your child eagerly anticipate¬†the first snow of winter too.

Recommended for Ages 3+

Reviewed by: Esther

Available from HPL

*I recently discovered Jonathan Bean, and love everything I have seen so far. The stories and illustrations are nostalgic and timeless, and these are the two favourite books in the house currently.


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