The LEGO Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination


Week 2 of summer vacation. “Help! My kids are bored!” If your kids have never seen this book, they are in for a treat.

Maybe you gave your kids a bin of LEGO in hopes of sparking creative play, but they said, “I don’t know what to build!” The older ones only like to put together projects that come in a LEGO kit, and the younger ones find kits too complicated….

Well, the LEGO Ideas Book will get even the four or five year olds started! Full colour pictures of all kinds of simple to difficult projects will provide the inspiration. Let them start by making a pen organizer or a truck-shaped desk organizer, and then move on to a picture frame, a 3-D mosaic or a tic tac toe game board. These simple projects will warm them up for the very cool other projects which range from buildings and bridges to vehicles and castles, wild animals and space travel…

Our best trick to get the pieces clicking together? Put an audio book on in the background: no one will want to leave the room!

Not to be confused with the LEGO Play Book (a little more advanced) and the LEGO Book (which I have not seen).

200 pages, full colour, hardcover

How-to Book

Ages 5-105

Available from: Hamilton Public Library, but worth the purchase!


Reviewer: Doreen


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