Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up With a Christian Drunk

sober mercies

by Heather Kopp

In one sense, this story is specifically the story of grace in the life of a Christian wife and mother, author, and editor in a Christian publishing company. But in another sense, this story of grace is the story of all the redeemed.

If you have never struggled with the use of alcohol or known anyone who has, Heather’s story will open your eyes to the desperation, the bondage, the guilt, and the shaky road to recovery. The author has a way of leveling herself—and all of us—as the suburban, manicured alcholics mingle with the homeless in recovery. She tackles the hard questions too, as she tells the story of her life and faith, confronting the question of cause: are alcoholics a product of environment, biological make-up, or sin? Is the solution environmental, psychological, or solely spiritual?

Although this was not my favourite book to read, it was eye-opening and very relevant. We all may knowingly or unknowingly be in contact with someone for whom alcohol is a consuming temptation—someone for whom one drink only creates an insatiable thirst for another, and another, day after day.

Disclaimer: The author is very open, and two or three times briefly shares aspects of her life that readers may deem private.

This book may not be comfortable to read, but the powerful story of the spiritual grace and series of steps taken to overcome addiction will open many people’s eyes to the force of addiction in their own lives or in the lives of their loved ones—whatever the addiction may be…

Ages: Adult only

Genre: Memoir/Autobiography

205 pages, hardcover


Reviewer: Doreen


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