Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child: The Paltry Thing that Childhood Has Become

ten ways

by Anthony Esolen

“This brave and bitingly funny book is an indispensable guide to overcoming today’s treacherous trends in parenting and education—and the overwhelming banality of contemporary culture,” reads the back cover.

“A lament for what we have lost and are losing: honor, humility, non-eroticized love, truth, and faith.”

This book was a very insightful commentary on contemporary North American culture, and a must-read for educators and parents who want their children to grow up as thinkers! You may find yourself nodding as you read, “Yes! That’s it! He is putting into words the things that I just couldn’t put my finger on…” For me, this is a book worth owning, one of the dozen books that I reread every few years. As a reviewer on the back of the book put it: “This book made me want to jump up (very high) and cheer, or run around (very far) and shout warnings…All educators [should] take this uncommonly common-sensical book to heart. A worthy successor to C. S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man.

Esolen’s observations and conclusions are heavily supported by examples from literature and history. Although I did not find the book overtly Christian, the worldview throughout is definitely Christian, in my opinion.

“This book is unfailingly witty,” says the American Spectator, so enjoy.

256 pages, softcover



Available from: bookstores, on-line


Reviewer: Doreen



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