Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils

drawing birds

By Kaaren Poole

I must admit that I am not drawn to children’s books that are illustrated in coloured pencil. I usually find that they lack the depth or richness or simple line of other mediums. But Kaaren Poole may convince me otherwise. Her bird drawings are rich and beautiful and everything else that you would want in an illustration. Using familiar birds, common to your backyard, she makes the colouring simple and not daunting by showing four stages in progress of each of the twenty-two different drawings.

For those who love to colour but “can’t” draw, she even suggests tracing her outline to give you the right shape to begin with. For those who just want to get more out of coloured pencils, this is a great “how-to” book.

I always knew that cheap coloured pencils never gave a satisfying rich colour, but what I learned from her book is that there are actually three levels of hardness/softness to pencil crayons and that she uses all three types for different purposes/effects. So maybe those hard cheap ones can still be put to good use!

Full-colour, 143 pages

Ages 10 and up



Reviewer: Doreen


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