UNSPOKEN – A Story from the Underground Railroad

Unspoken is a wordless, picturebook that tells of a young girl’s first hand experience living during the American Civil War. This book has no words, but the pictures speak volumes.

The author of this book, Henry Cole, grew up listening to stories about the underground railroad from his elderly relatives. It was those stories that sparked his desire to write, or rather draw this story.

At the beginning of the story we are met by a young girl watching silently as enemy troops ride by. As the story progresses she encounters a runaway slave hiding in her barn! Despite enemy troop interrogations, she keeps her secret quiet while providing him with daily food.

Although she never gets to see her friend face to face, she does receive a little corn husk doll as a ‘thank you’ for what she has done.

I highly recommend this story to children of all ages. Don’t forget to read the Author’s Note at the back of the book!

Wordless Picture book

Historical Fiction

Ages 4 and up

Available from the Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Meagan


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