By Aaron Becker

Quest, the second book of the Journey trilogy, is not a disappointment! Having gained a friend with an equally creative imagination, the two main characters are thrust into an adventure together. They must rescue a kingdom from hostile forces to save the king and his people from darkness. Definitely a tale of good versus evil and light triumphing over darkness. The rainbow at the end is a beautiful emblem of colour and imagination, hope and faithfulness!

Is there anything scary in the book or very strange in this fantastical world? I don’t think so. There are no strange beings or creatures: only real people and animals. No special powers or changing form: only magic crayons which can draw something that will really begin to work (like a bike or bird or hot air balloon). The magic in this book is the magic of an imagination in which children can find hidden treasure and rescue those in trouble and come out as heroes while still crawling into their own safe beds at the end of the day.

And because I like to know something about the authors, and because this is a short fun bio, I checked out the story of how Aaron Becker came to write these books–from the days when he was a kid with a pad of paper and a pack of markers, to an adult writing kids’ books. You can read this at


Ages 5-10

Available from: Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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