By Aaron Becker

I just stumbled upon this book in my quest for good books, but it has soared to near the top of my favourites list! This wordless book is a wonder-filled celebration of imagination. Meet the main character who is bored(?)and friendless(?) and whose mother and sister and father are too busy with their modern technology to spend time with her. In steps her imagination which leads her into a whole other world…

I won’t spoil the ending, which is a new beginning for the main character—a beginning which continues the story in the second book of the trilogy, called Quest.

The illustrations in Journey are exceptionally well done (a huge plus in my eyes!), so well done, in fact, that a very enjoyable mini-course on the aspects of drawing and painting could be taught from this book alone. (Think perspective, use of thick line for foreground and thin line for background, use of colour in families, absence of colour, colours fading in the distance, etc!).  Kids who delight in complex castles with incredible waterways and fantastic machines will enjoy the illustrations as well as children who are thrilled by forests of beauty, deep sunsets and starlit skies.

Four or five year olds may be disappointed when they ask you to read the book and you explain that the book is wordless, but if you are willing to search through the book together, they will also delight in the adventure of it all. Just don’t forget to read it twice! The first read-through is just that: discovering the story-line. There are lots of little clues and hints and ideas that carry over from the beginning of the book to the end, making the story come full-circle.


Fiction, fantasy

Ages 5-10

Available from: Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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