Sea of Dreams

sea of dreams

By Dennis Nolan

This is a word-less book so kids can tell the story themselves! The storyline is quite clear to adults, but children under 7 may need help piecing some of the details together to make the story complete. The title is a big clue to the story-line which focuses on a little girl spending the day building a sandcastle, then leaving it to go home for the night. She dreams of the people who may inhabit her sandcastle and their adventure, then repeats the process the following day. It’s a very neat idea and the illustrations are amazing. I have never seen water painted so well…incredible. Some mermaid girls appear on two pages to prevent a drowning—they are, however, modestly decked out in seaweed J

Soon I will tell about another wordless book that is simply amazing, in my estimation!


Ages: 5-12

Available from: Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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