Little Pinto of Mustang Canyon

Little Pinto

By Jonathan Landon

Since reading “Little Lost Tiger,” I have been checking out books by Jonathan Landon, and he has written dozens of them! Some are not that well-illustrated, and his best writing seems to be in the most recent books. But his books tend to land you right in the thick of things. His use of adjectives and metaphors make the setting and story action come alive!

Enjoy a warm, short story that will set you right in a desert canyon with a wild mustang band. This picture book has enough excitement and danger to thrill small hearts, but a reassuring reunion that will prevent scary dreams J. You will learn a little about mustangs and band relationships throughout the story and especially on the two page nonfiction afterword at the back. It’s another great book by Jonathan Landon.

After reading “Little Pinto of Mustang Canyon” check out these two other books by him which are quite good:“Sled Dogs Run” and “The Seasons of Little Wolf.”

The Seasons of Little Wolf. sled dogts

Ages: 4-8

Nonfiction (in the sense that all three books listed here are very factual and based on reality)



Reviewer: Doreen


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