By Janell Cannon

I have been checking out a number of Janell Cannon’s picturebooks for children. And they do not fit the mold of typical picturebooks! Their unpredictability and non-standard themes make them an interesting read. Crickwing is the same. The hero in this book is an art-loving cockroach. Once again, the author makes an unlovable creature at least likable. But it is not all smooth sailing with this story-line. First the hero is a picked-on under-dog whom we feel sympathy for. But then he turns into a nasty bully himself! He only repents when his victims get the upper-hand on him. He then turns out to be a decent fellow when he saves the day… Although this book does not deliver a clear, straight-forward message for young children, it could be a discussion starter for middle-schoolers.


Ages 10 and up

Available from: Hamilton Public Library

*Not recommended for young children*

Reviewer: Doreen


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