Mike’s Inspiration Station

Mikes inspiration

Random art activities best describes this series of art lessons, but they are lessons, and they are well-paced, resulting in a presentable piece of artwork. So if your child loves art and is looking for more ways to get his fingers dirty, or if you wish to spark his interest, this is an easy way to add some art-time to your home!

Mike teaches drawing, painting, and sculpting through the use of pencil, markers, pastels, clay, and watercolours. Some projects are more cartoon-style while others are realistic. Regardless, drawing skills will be sharpened by the mere act of observing and transferring the step-by-step lines to paper. Although geared for ages 8-16, 5-7 year olds can do well with occasional help, and 3-7 year olds will enjoy simply watching the artwork unfold!

And then there’s Mike’s cartoon friend, Booker T. Bible. He adds “words of wisdom” to the beginning of each art lesson by quoting a verse from Scripture (with a Dutch accent?!), and Mike makes a general, all-inclusive spiritual application. The  approach is casual but doesn’t take the same liberties with Scripture as something like Veggie Tales does.

Each DVD has six 50 minute shows with 2 or 3 lessons per show.

DVD with volumes 1-6: Available from Hamilton Public Library

DVD with volumes 7-12: Available from Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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