The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet

By E. B. White

Read by the author, E. B. White

The plot has a few twists and turns but unwinds quite slowly in this book, giving time for description, thoughts, and dialogue. I guess it is the characters, then, that make this book a classic. There is Louie’s very vain father, the cob, who is oh, so, poetical and completely taken up with his own gracefulness. And then, Louie’s ever-practical mother who sets her husband straight without putting him down. There is Sam Beaver, the wilderness boy you can’t help admiring. And, of course, Louie himself, who is honest, hard-working, ingenious, faithful, etc. The book really does cover a lot of themes, some of them being coming to terms with disability, courage, living with fame, safety versus freedom, honesty, and the power of love.

Love is a strong theme as trumpeter swans pair off for life. Louie’s father won his mother many years ago, and in the second half of the book, Louie is engaged in a similar quest. There are parts of the book which really could come off as rather sentimental, as Louie pines after the elusive Serena… but the reader’s very down-to-earth tone of voice won’t allow it! In fact, this treatment of romantic love is quite well done, making this a good audio book for adolescent boys 🙂

Question: How do you like the other E. B. White books?

Ages 6-12

Book / Audiobook

Available from: Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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