Jesus on Every Page


by David Murray

If you believe with your mind that the Old Testament is salvation history but don’t see the connection when you read it, then this book will be an eye-opening wonder to you!

“With deceptive ease Dr. David Murray brings his readers on to the Road to Emmaus for a few hours of conversation about Jesus and the Old Testament. With an enviable grace and simplicity he teaches us how to read the Old Testament as Christians.” –Sinclair B. Ferguson, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas.

Another commentator writes:

“The journey begins on the road to Emmaus, where Jesus delivers a sermon based on a big text: “Moses, all the Prophets, and all the Scriptures”. Murray provides autobiographical details on how he found Jesus in the Old Testament and he shows us the difference it made. In is search, he found that “[Jesus] wasn’t just here and there [in the Old Testament]–He was everywhere”. This discovery came not as a mere academic nuance, but a real, living, passionate reality that shines in the way Murray writes.”

Although Murray intended the book for preachers and seminary students, he was encouraged to simplify and summarize it for the average reader. This was the harder route, but we appreciate the result! Murray unravels his discovery in an orderly and systematic, (though not at all dry) way. His style is easy and light and he’s very careful to present the information in bite-sized pieces.

If you want to begin the new year with a simple, eye-opening, excellent book, then this is a good one!

Ages: 16 and up



Available from: Reformed Book Services (Canada), Reformation Heritage Books (USA), Amazon


Reviewer: Doreen


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