Winter is Coming

 Winter is coming
by Tony Johnston
Suitable title for this time of year! I don’t know if I love this book most for the illustrations or the text….probably the illustrations. It’s a slow-paced story about a girl who goes out quietly with her sketchbook early in the mornings and observes the different wildlife that pass by as the season changes from fall to winter. For kids who think you only see animals in a zoo, it will encourage them to go out walking and be quiet enough to observe wildlife. It will also be an encouragement to keep a nature notebook/sketchpad for kids with the urge to draw. I think his illustrations are done in pastel… they make me want to pick up the medium!
“An empty sketchbook, freshly sharpened pencils, and binoculars set the stage for this luminous story about the powerful magic of being still and experiencing the natural world. Sitting in her tree house, using all her senses to witness the changing season, a girl sketches a variety of Northern animals and notes their habits as they forage for food. The short journal entries combine poetry with pragmatism, resulting in spare, elegant observations about nature.”
School LIbrary Journal
Ages 3-8
Hardcover Picturebook
40 pages
Available from Hamilton Public Libraries
Reviewer: Doreen

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