Audrey Bunny


Perhaps the first thing that drew me to this book was the illustrations. Breezy Tulip is a Christian artist who uses her gifts to further the gospel through prints and more recently; book illustrations. The author of the book, Angie Smith shared in a YouTube video, how her young daughter was born with heart problems. Although her little daughter lived only for a short time, she wanted others to know how much this little girl was loved despite her ‘abnormalities’. Eventually, the Lord put it on her heart to write a children’s story about it. The story itself is fictional and is about a little girl and her love for her bunny. The bunny, throughout the story, is so concerned that the little girl will see her mark and not want her anymore! In the end, Bunny learns that the little girl knew all along about the ‘mark’ and chose her because of it.

Available at the Hamilton Public Library and online.

Ages: 2-10



Reviewer: Meagan


3 thoughts on “Audrey Bunny

  1. I was waiting for this book to come out! I LOVE Breezy’s artwork. I read some reviews last Spring, though, that said there was an age discrepancy between the theme of the book, and the characters, and the reading level; and that there was not too much to the story-line.
    What did you think?
    The same author and illustrator will soon have a children’s Bible out that is just on women of the Bible. I saw some previews of her artwork 🙂


    1. Hi Dor,
      If I hadn’t seen the Youtube trailer before I read the book then I wouldn’t have guessed it related to a real life story. After watching the trailer it made the book more meaningful. It kind of reminded me of Corduroy at first.:) Yes, kids don’t pick up on the parallism, but they still learn a good lesson.


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