Galileo and the Star-Gazers

Galileo cover

Galileo and the Star-Gazers

by Jim Weiss

Swashbuckling heroes and quiet scholars, kings and seekers of scientific knowledge spring to life in some of the exciting true stories of all time. Includes “Archimedes and the Golden Crown,” “Ptolemy vs. Copernicus,” “Tycho Brahe Scans the Skies,” “Kepler and Galileo,” “The Trial of Galileo” and “Isaac Newton,”  says the back cover of this audio CD.

Learn about the history of astronomy in one hour!  Created and read by Jim Weiss, these historical “stories” are entertaining, true, and give an incredibly clear, brief overview of how scientists from Archimedes to Copernicus to Galileo all had a part in discovering how the universe works (planets, sun, moons, earth), from a Christian perspective.  Intended for middle-school children to adults, my 5 and 7 year olds could glean some information mostly from the section on Archimedes which covered the simplest concepts.  So if your child has recently studied astronomy, needs a refresher, or should have studied it but didn’t, this is a great audio to listen to!

You will enjoy the dialogue he sprinkles throughout and the way he puts on different voices for each character :).  Also, check out more of Jim Weiss’s audio recordings of the classics and short stories at Great Hall Productions or at your local library.  If your library doesn’t have them, put in a request or order an inter-library loan from across the country!

Ages 8 or 9 and up

Historical Nonfiction

Audio CD

Available from: Hamilton Public Library, Great Hall Productions


Reviewer: Doreen


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