The Matatu

by Eric Walters


“The Matatu” is a wonderful book for introducing children to another culture, and they will likely enjoy the beautiful and authentic illustrations which fill each page. This picture book is quite a long story, but will be enjoyed by parent and child alike. An excellent addition to cultural studies for homeschooling, but also enjoyable as a simple bedtime story. This book could serve as a segue to discussions about the importance of oral tradition in certain cultures as well as metaphor and deeper meaning in stories.

Summary from book sleeve:

“Kioko has been watching the matatus come and go for as long as he can remember. On his fifth birthday, he gets to climb aboard one with his grandfather. As the matatu pulls away from the market, several village dogs chase after it. Kioki wonders why the dogs always bark and chase after matatus. When he asks his grandfather about it, his grandfather tells him a story about a dog, a goat and a sheep. Set in east Africa and inspired by a Kamba folktale, this story is filled with unexpected twists and turns.”

Ages 4-10 (although even my two year old enjoyed the pictures)

Available at Brantford/Hamilton Public Libraries


Reviewer: Esther


2 thoughts on “The Matatu

  1. Sounds good! It’s great to find wonderfully illustrated books that help your kids realize there is a whole world out there where people may do things differently but share the way in which they experience life.


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