Jip, His Story


Author: Katherine Paterson

Short description: Jip, His Story is a 1996 children’s book written by U.S. novelist Katherine Paterson. Set in Vermont during the 1850s, it focuses on a 12-year-old orphan named Jip, who was abandoned as an infant and mistaken for a gypsy because of his skin color. Jip works at a poor farm where mentally ill residents are housed. One of the residents, named Putnam Nelson, appears to be a lunatic, although Jip discovers he is actually very intelligent man with serious mental health problems. Jip also discovers that he is the part-black child of an escaped slave, and that he has been claimed as the property of a slave-owning farmer. Jip and Putnam Nelson escape together to the underground railroad.

Age level: Read aloud to 8-10  year olds and up (depending on maturity)

Genre: fiction

Media type: book

Available from: Amazon


Reviewer: Petra


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