First Snow in the Woods

Based on the children’s board book with the same title.

A gorgeous wildlife film that takes place in the fall.  It is a about a scarecrow who is upset about winter coming soon when he will have to go back in the barn.  The film has beautiful photography and rich story-telling language that is full of imagery.  It introduces a variety of animals that live in the deciduous forest and shows how each prepares for winter.  It says their “heart song” tells them what to do, which can be expanded on by you: “Who gave each animal that instinct?”  You can’t mind silliness, however, as the scarecrow “falls in love” with another scarecrow.  But through the scarecrow character the film addresses the need to find one’s purpose in life, the fear of change, and acceptance of the change of seasons.

Behind the Scenes is neat as it gives kids a taste of what work goes into wild-life photography.

I haven’t seen the two earlier films: Lost in the Woods and Stranger in the Woods (the stranger being a snowman), but they are supposed to be even better!

30 minutes.  Special features: 15 minutes

Ages: 1-12, although adults will enjoy it too.


Real animals with voice-overs

Available from: Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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