Sugar Creek Gang Series

Author: Paul Hutchens

“The Sugar Creek Gang series chronicles the faith building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys.”

I originally read this whole series (36 books!) as a child.  The Hamilton FRC had them in their library.  These are great books for boys (and girls) from ages eight to thirteen.  Throughout the series you will follow the gang as they encounter exciting adventures and the more mundane challenges in life.  It is written from the perspective of one of the boys in the gang.  The theology is decidedly Arminian, and yet the boys faith is described in such a realistic manner it can only challenge the reader to examine whether they love the Lord as well.  What I really enjoyed about the books is the thought processes of the main character and how he thinks through his dilemmas and choices.  I also appreciate that the book deals with some heavy topics like alcoholism, an abusive father, criminal behaviour and it’s consequences in a straight forward biblical way without being too depressing or explicit for kids to handle.  We have read through this series several times with our kids, and find that they all greatly enjoy it.

Age level: 8 – 13

Genre: fiction

Media type: softcover books

This book can be purchased from




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