A New Coat For Anna

a new caot for anna

A New Coat For Anna by Hariet Ziefert

World War II has left the country in a very poor state. Anna desperately needs a new coat for winter, but there simply is no money and no commerce happening in bombed-out Europe.

Anna’s mother collects the few valuables she and her daughter have left (a watch, a lamp, a necklace, and a porcelain teapot) and offers them in exchange for the services of a farmer, a spinner, a weaver, and a tailor.

The group of poor, but skilled townsfolk collaborate to provide Anna with a beautiful red coat! Not only do they receive an item that’s of value to them, but they are all rewarded with a sense of purpose the opportunity to work hard for the service of others can give.

A heart-warming story accompanied by beautiful illustrations, and a great way to begin a conversation with your child on the value of teamwork, money, trades and services, and the effect wars have on society.

Available on Amazon.

Historical Fiction

Ages 3-8


Reviewer: Jacinda


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