Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch


Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch

Stephanie goes to school wearing a ponytail and gets told by her classmates that it’s “Ugly, ugly, very ugly!” However, the next day they all copy her!

Stephanie responds by calling them a bunch of copycats who don’t have a brain in their heads. She changes her hairstyle several times and the same conversation is repeated: the kids say it’s “Ugly, ugly, very ugly!” before eventually copying her, and Stephanie calls them a bunch of “brainless copycats.”

Angry and fed up, Stephanie finally tells them she’s going to come to class the next day with her head shaved! Of course, the whole class shaves their heads while Stephanie comes to school with her hair in a ponytail. She gets the last laugh while they all charge after her angrily.

This book is meant to be humorous, but how is it funny? Is it funny to make fun of a child? Is it funny to teach your children the catchy “Ugly, ugly, very ugly!” chant? Is telling someone that they don’t have a brain in their heads a kind thing to do?

I think the point of the book is meant to teach kids not to be sassy and make fun of other people, but the message children end up taking away is: “If someone hits you, hit them harder.”


Ages 4-7

Humor (supposedly), fiction

Available where ever books are sold.

Reviewer: Jacinda


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