Otis and the Tornado

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By Loren Long

We loved Otis and Otis and the Tornado so much that we kept renewing or taking them out from the library! The stories are actually meaningful and the illustrations are really cool. I just found out that there are even a few newer Otis titles out 🙂

From the author, Loren Long: A Note to Fans

Dear Reader,

I first drove an old tractor working on a Lexington, Kentucky horse farm for a summer job during my college years. It was ancient and rusty but steady and dependable and still contributed to the farm. I loved driving that old tractor. I had no idea back then that I’d become a children’s book author and illustrator someday…let alone write and illustrate my own story about a little tractor named Otis. Those days back on the horse farm served as part of the inspiration for Otis, the little tractor who loves to work hard and play hard with his friends on the farm that he loves.

Otis and the Tornado is about friendship and loyalty. I hoped to create a character that children will revere as much as I did the books I loved when I was little. A character and a book that becomes a trusted friend, who loves to have fun and who is fiercely loyal, brave and trustworthy. I had so much fun creating Otis that my publisher and I decided to do another Otis story, Otis and the Tornado. In this new Otis story you’ll read how Otis encounters a storm but also how he handles a new character on the farm that is just plain mean. Otis and the Tornado is about empathy and bravery.

I hope you’ll share Otis with a little one in your life. And together you’ll get to know a spunky little tractor who works hard and plays hard and always has time for another friend. I hope that new friend is you.



Age: 3-10



Available from Hamilton Public Library


Reviewer: Doreen


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