At Home in Mitford

At Home in Mitford

by Jan Karon

Father Tim, a cherished small-town rector, is the steadfast soldier in this beloved slice of life story set in an American village where the grass is still green, the pickets are still white, and the air still smells sweet. The rector’s forthright secretary, Emma Garret, worries about her employer, as she sees past his Christian cheerfulness into his aching loneliness. Slowly but surely, the empty places in Father Tim’s heart do get filled. First with a gangly stray dog, later with a seemingly stray boy, and finally with the realization that he is stumbling into love with his independent and Christian-wise next-door neighbor. Much more than a gentle love story, this is a homespun tale about a town of endearing characters– including a mysterious jewel thief–who are as quirky and popular as those of Mayberry…so says a reviewer on Amazon.

And another reviewer says: I absolutely loved ‘At Home in Mitford’. It is probably the best book I have ever read. As a mother of three small children, I rarely get to read anymore. I was surprised by a friend with a gift of this book. When I started reading – I just couldn’t hardly put it down. I looked forward to my quiet reading moments with an unquenchable enthusiasm and finished it in record time (finishing a book is alone a record for me)! The characters were so vivid – I felt I knew each one… Another great asset of this book is it’s DIALOGUE. I just laughed throughout the entire book. I would LOVE to meet Jan Karon. And finally, this book was an incredible blessing to my Christian walk. To read a ‘picture’ of caring people SHOWING their love was so uplifting. I pray that it will bring many blessings to many others. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Mitford series.

For myself, I read these books for the first time years ago, and can’t recall my first impression, but the whole series was good enough to read again a year or two ago! Anyone else love these books?

Age level: 16+
Fiction / Inspirational
Paperback: Also available as an abridged dramatized audiobook which doesn’t do it justice, in my opinion!
Available from Hamilton Public Libraries
Reviewer: Doreen



3 thoughts on “At Home in Mitford

  1. One of the best, most uplifting series ever! Gently deals with the quirks of people, til suddenly you realize that you have relatives just like so and so! Also find that they encourage some contemplation on God and his ways.


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